Soda inSight

We help you to understand what online and social media is talking about your business.

Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring made easy. We provide media monitoring and analysis across all online platforms in China and Hong Kong. We are monitoring over million pieces of content everyday to track the success of their news releases, to find information about competitors and specific issues relevant to the organization, to benchmark performance against competitors, to manage corporate or brand reputation, to gather industry intelligence, to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of corporate communications, to identify new business opportunities, and other purposes.

Capabilities on Media Monitoring:

  • Monitor unlimited keywords across all channels
  • Advantages over old-fashioned press clipping providing better media coverage, faster delivery and lower costs.
  • Flexible customisation on email alerts to get real-time notifications
  • Comprehensive dashboards and easy portfolio setting to fit for different area of monitoring
  • Provide benchmarks on hot value, favourability, and word cloud against your brand and competitors on different metrics
  • Export results and data in Excel and common formats
  • Analysis all online channel or individual channel in just one click

Social Listening

Social Listening made easy. Our social listening product lets you monitor, research and analyze content across the entire social platforms as well as social media, KOL (Influencers), forum, blog, telegram real-time and historical access to over years of social engagement and conversations to access key insights about your brand, industry, competitors or any other topics that may be of interest to your business.

We provide a clickable interface allow for real-time insights into trending topic and data. Deep dive into popular keywords, sentiment, and hot values in conversations to understand how an audience feels about your brand and competitors. Build important relationships by quickly replying, engaging, tracking, and listening to what people are saying about your business. We can protect your reputation, strengthen the brand image and detect new sales opportunities. Simply enter keyword or hashtag and collect related online mentions instantly.

Capabilities on Social Listening:

  • Protect your online reputation 
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Find new customer and opportunities
  • Sentiment Analysis helps to find positive, negative and neutral mentions about your business, competitors or any keyword you want.
  • Hashtag Tracking let you know what’s most popular among your audience

Crisis Management

With our Notifications and Alerts Module, SoDa Insight helps Marketer and PR to monitor and detect potential crisis and response immediately. Instant notifications to be alerted can track on many elements such as social engagement, comment and specific keywords, etc.   

  • Emotion Analysis
  • Sensitive Keywords Detection
  • Instant Alert for precaution

Sentiment and Mention Analysis

From our mention and sentiment (positive & negative), you can get a better understanding of customer attitudes & identify problems requiring immediate actions. Sentiment and mention can get a better understanding and insights about your customers.

Proprietary Influencer Score, Buzz, Hot Value, Hashtag, Word Cloud and more…

Proprietary Influencer Score can identify your industry influencers to make better decisions about who you should choose and how well they can do. Buzz is the growth rate within the last 7 days. Hot value is an indicator based on the characteristics of individual media types, combined reading number, mood option number, number of posts and shares and other values, weighted to measure the overall interaction rate of posts to ensure the scientific results. We update the weight formula periodically with millions and millions of data samples to keep up the market trend. Hashtag and Word Cloud help you to understand what topics and information from your audience. We have more and more tools coming up.

Filtering and Customization

Our Powerful search filters can help you to fine-tune and get a more detail results

  • Quick or Advanced Search
  • Unlimited keyword combination
  • Period
  • Media filters
  • Source
  • Sections
  • Authors
  • Queries
  • Tags
  • Boolean search

Data and Management

You can easily view your data and conversation for further studies. Also, we can also export PNG format for Marketers, PR and Agencies to formulate the customer insight report more easily.

Who Needs Soda Insight?

PR & Communications

  • Real-time Crisis Precaution
  • Monitor Specific Campaign
  • Evaluate Campaign Performance

Brand Marketers

  • Brand Safety Alert
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Competitive Brands Analysis

Who Needs Soda Insight?

Digital Agencies

  • Pre & Post Campaign Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Influencers Performance


  • Formulate Marketing Strategies & Policies
  • Enhance Internal Services
  • Evaluate Online Presence

Data Analytics Consultancy

Our consultants can help to get deeper and wider monitoring and researching on specific topics on any channels including:

  • Market Trends,
  • Brand Health Check
  • Marketing Pre/Post Campaign Review
  • Industry Benchmark
  • Competitor Analysis

So, talk to us now.

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